We are quite regularly requested for a recommendation of the tea which provides the maximum health benefits.  Tea per sé being just about the most healthy beverage that nature has bestowed us with and not being in a position to name any one particular tea, my stock response has always been that ANY tea is as good as the next one.

That was till now when, thanks to an exhaustive study (attachments) commissioned by Camellia sinensis (our partners in the Tea Studio) we now actually have a definite answer to that very specific question – a lovely surprise, totally at variance to the generally accepted rule that teas high in antioxidants are also high in caffeine.


The bottom line being that the Nilgiri Mao Feng a lovely cocktail of amongst the highest level of antioxidants (3,045 µmol) and a surprisingly low Caffeine (15 mg) content is simply unbeatable!

How could we possibly refrain ourselves from crowing about this?!