B2B Enquiries
The purveyor of Specialty Teas need look no further than our unique ‘one-stop-shop’ which caters to the growing demand for Organic, Ethical, Single Estate and Gourmet teas. Despatched via courier service, we deliver estate fresh Teas directly to your doorstep. The wide array of specialties in our repertoire includes those which can only be described as a ‘one-of-a-kind’. Teas which command attention.

For the trade or the end user of regular Orthodox, CTC and Green teas, whatever be the type or origin, we are the ‘go to’ guys able to service your business with teas which conform to specific quality and price parameters. Buyer confidence in our ability to deliver consistent quality has been built up over years of hands on experience in tea origins across continents.

For B2B enquiries, using the form below, please feed us as much detailed information as possible for us to get back to you expeditiously.