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Direct to Shelf from Origin
Recognising and accepting the fact that different clients would have diverse and specific requirements, it is our endeavour to cater to customers at their comfort level.

While “retail outlet” type wholesale orders for the Organic bouTEAque Teas may be ordered from our online store we also offer the comfort of custom-built logistical solutions for the smallest to as large a tea consignment as may be required. In each instance, we shear off layers of middle men and handling agents by shipping and delivering teas direct from origin all the way through to the retailers shelf.

The direct from shelf to purveyor service ensures a price advantage which may be leveraged to advantage by our customers.

All consignments are handled subjectively, explicit to individual customer requirements, with delivery to any destination in the world by way of::
  Delivery direct to your Doorstep
Minimum Order – 20Kgs / 40Lbs

Air Freight
  Direct delivery to the Airport closest to you
Minimum Order – 100Kgs / 200Lbs

Sea Freight Shipment

Port delivery to the seaport closest to you.
LCL cargo - Shrink wrapped pallets Minimum Order of 1 pallet - 300Kgs / 600Lbs
FCL cargo – 20’ or 40’ dry box containers. Palletised or floor loaded as may be required.