Our Unique One Stop Wholesale Shop
For the specialist tea retailer we are a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ catering to the growing demand for Organic, Ethical, Single Estate and Gourmet teas.

The wide array including some which can only be described as a ‘one-of-a-kind”, our extensive range of teas are as interesting as they are diverse.

Decades of collective hands-on experience of the Tea_Team has been condensed and translated into this unique and distinctive selection. For us to be in the position of being able to offer this wonderfully varied selection has been the outcome of a most enjoyable labour of love and the outcome of literally hundreds of tea tasting sessions in as many factories, big and small, located in the most remote corners of the tea world.

  Our Unique Bouquet of Quality Teas:
bouTEAque Teas Certified Organic Green, Black & Semi-oxidised teas from our specialty unit in the Nilgiris.
Nilgiri Single Estate Nilgiri Frost Tea
Teas from Kangra Valley Every single one of the Kangra Black and Green teas is a collector’s item and a tea connoisseur’s delight
Ceylon Signature A range which evokes a wow
Organic Tisanes Comprehensive range of Herbs, Spices and Flowers