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Dedicated to Tea
The B2B business model of Tea ‘n’ Teas being built around directly servicing tea purveyors, specialty tea establishments and retailers, each one of whom would have specific logistical requirements and since the permutations and combinations are infinite, we are simply UNABLE to offer our full range of teas and tisanes online. The Organic bouTEAque teas being a limited range, those teas ARE available online.

Consequently while this may be a deviation from current business systems, since every single tea purveyor or tea merchant has his or her own specific and subjective requirements in respect of shipment methods, volumes, mixes and literally hundreds of other factors to be considered, our ‘personalized service’ business model enables us to cater to each specific request individually.

Welcome then to ‘old world’ personalized service. The ONLY way that a tea business should be serviced!

Any query, question or request will be responded to within 24 hours.

We are available on:

eVoice : 360 450 2142
eFax : 309 409 6254
eMail : info@teanteas.com

Or by simply clicking on the "SKYPE CALL US" Button to speak to Indi, who would be delighted to discuss and address your specific requirements.