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We have had to wade though literally hundreds of cups, improving and fine tuning as we went along, to arrive at and to be able to offer this very distinctive range of superlative Teas from Ceylon.

Our carefully balanced bouquet of six teas has been put together drawing from the very best from the vast array of teas which that country produces. In terms of choice, this range of teas incorporate all of the primary orthodox grades, from the largest to the smallest available particle size, drawn from the best of both in SL. The ‘both’ being:

» UP-COUNRTY high elevation teas which are delicately flavoured and produce the brightest of liquors
» LOW-COUNTRY teas which are diametrically at the other end of the ‘cup character’ spectrum in terms of appearance and liquor quality. These, on infusion, produce bright red, thick gutty liquor which finds favour with many. The leaf style of the best teas from the low-country, such as ours, are literally, a florescence of Tip. Simply beautiful!
Orange Pekoe
The largest size ‘Whole Leaf’ is a tightly rolled, long black leaf which is well twisted and wiry originating from estates located at 800-1000 ft above sea level, on the lush slopes of Adam’s Peak in the Ratnapura District. Simply put, our Orange Pekoe is a ‘beautiful’ tea exhibiting a style of make which puts it apart from any other tea. This beauty contest winner is the outcome of a perfect wither and a well planned and executed rolling sequence during the manufacturing process.

Producing a cup with exceptional guts, the liquor, while subtle has an interesting aroma which leans towards a mellowness. More so when compared to the smaller Pekoes.

A garnish of a slice of a freshly cut orange, makes this an afternoon tea par excellence.

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Royal Flowery Pekoe
A smaller ‘Whole Leaf’ which is extremely attractive, made up of wiry and well twisted small and evenly sized long strands of tea. The profusion of a brilliant show of the brightest of gold and silvery tips gives this tea a touch of royalty.

The liquor is a bright, flavourful yet mellow cup of great distinction and character which, while it blends well with milk, is best enjoyed with a thin slice of lemon as garnish. The result is an excellent mid afternoon cup.

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Flowery Orange Pekoe
While very similar in make to the OP, this is a much smaller sized particle. Tightly rolled, black and evenly sorted, the tea is made up of well twisted and evenly sized strands. The FOP is the harvest from Ruhuna, an area draped on the lower slopes of Adam’s Peak.

The ‘bloom’ (a healthy glow which the leaf exudes) is a dead give-away of the wonderful character of this tea which produces a smooth and bright flavourful liquor, producing a tea which is a morning cup, par excellence.

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Flowery Fannings
A stylishly made, tiny leaf which glows with 'bloom' and a profusion of small, very bright Golden Tips which puts this grade ahead of the crowd and gives it the credentials of being 'Extra Special'. A five minute steeping produces a full-bodied tea which could easily substitute the better coffees in terms of sheer strength.

The strong cup bursting with flavour and aroma makes this tea revel in a generous dollop of full cream milk, making this a perfect base for a wonderful Chai.

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A heavy and chunky style and make of leaf which, in certain producing countries, is known as Pekoe Souchong. This grade is made from fine, tender leaf which is withered very hard and undergoes a well controlled and executed rolling sequence during manufacture, resulting in this tightly rolled and ‘wound up’ small round particles which have the appearance of small buckshot. The Pekoe is a blend of fine teas from the Morawakkorella highlands, situated 1000 ft above sea level.

On steeping, this tea unfurls producing a gutty and thick liquor with a distinctive character which practically ‘demands’ the addition of a dash of milk and produces the ideal cup to counter the 'how-do-I-get-through-the-afternoon' blues.

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Broken Orange Pekoe
A neat and well made ‘Broken’ tea which is drawn from estates in the mid elevation Ratnapura District of SL. These teas are cultivated on the mid elevation slopes of Adam’s peak and are, naturally, bright, strong and flavourful.

The liquor, due to the tea’s parentage and size exudes strength and is alive with an inherent briskness.

A drop of cold milk, merely tolerated in other Ceylon's is highly recommended here. The result is a perfect morning 'pick-me-up-and-get-me-to-work' cup.

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