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Organic bouTEAque Teas
The bouTEAque project runs out of 46 acres of prime, certified organic, clonal area in the Nilgiri hills at an elevation of 6,500 Ft. The project complies with both, NPOP (EU) and USDA-NOP Organic norms.

Organically cultivated green leaf of the highest quality plucked from this specially cultivated area is fed into a one-of-a-kind manufacturing unit which, unlike any tea factory anywhere in the world, produces a limited array of exquisite and 'different' Green, Semi-oxidized and Black Teas which are what we call "bouTEAque Teas".

Being dramatically different from teas from any origin, we are simply unable to classify these using any standard tea grading system. We have therefore, following the Chinese system, resorted to the vernacular, whereby each tea is named in a manner which literally describes the leaf appearance. That these names add a touch of romanticism to the tea is, of course, an added plus.

The teas and the names translate into:

Black Teas
- bouTEAque Kali Zulph (this translates into Black Braids)
- bouTEAque Kala Moti (Black Pearls)

Semi Oxidized Tea
- bouTEAque Hari Ghatta (a Green Monsoon Cloud)

Green Teas
- bouTEAque Hari Muskan (a Green Smile)
- bouTEAque Hari Talvar (a Green Sword)

The five teas being manufactured independent of the others, these cannot be classified as grades since each one is an INDIVIDUAL tea exhibiting its own unique character.
Kali Zulph
The name translated reads as “Black Braids”, which is exactly what each strand of this tea looks like. This is a beautifully made black tea which, when steeped, unfurls into an unbroken and complete ‘one and a bud’, which is the starting point for the manufacture of this tea.

For best results use two gm per serving, allowing the tea to infuse for 5 minutes, using water on first boil. Produces a strong gutty liquor with a cup character which is as unique as the physical appearance of the tea.

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Kala Moti
Black Pearls in English, during manufacture are allowed to ferment (oxidize) for a shorter period of time as compared to the Kali Zulph, producing a marginally lighter cup. The actual fermenting time for this tea is determined on a daily basis, subject to weather conditions.

Our suggestion for best results is two gm per serving, being allowed to infuse for 5 minutes using water on first boil.

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Hari Ghatta
'Hari Ghatta' which translates into a “thick and heavily laden monsoon cloud” is exactly what this liquor looks like. The manufacturing of this tea involves a mild oxidation process, resulting in this ‘half-way-home’ green tea.

For best results, we recommend two gm per serving. The tea being allowed to steep for 5 minutes using water at 190ºF (90ºC)

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Hari Muskan
Literally translating into a “Green Bright Smile”, is a tea which is guaranteed to bring a smile back on the most weathered face.

For a wonderfully pale but bright liquor, we recommend one and half gm per serving, infused for 3 minutes using water at 190ºF (90ºC)

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Hari Talvar
A miniature “Green Sword” is exactly what each strand of this beautiful looking tea resembles. Like the other bouTEAque teas, the starting point of this tea is a high quality single leaf & a bud which, upon steeping, each strand will unfurl into.

For optimum results and a near perfect bright light green liquor, use one and half gm per serving, steeping this for 3 minutes using water at 190ºF (90ºC)

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