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The Tea ‘n’ Teas Business Model
Tea, traditionally and for long viewed as a staid and uninteresting product has, in the last couple of years, evolved quite dramatically metamorphosing into a fascinating and young-at-heart beverage.

Driven by a newly discovered awareness and heightened interest on account of its proven health connotations, a surge of ‘different’ teas have emerged to cater to the more discerning tea aficionado, one who has specific and high expectations. The availability of a plethora of high quality teas has, in turn, simply translated into a rapidly growing demand for more such teas. The end result is a yawning gap between supply and demand for teas which are ‘out of the ordinary’.

Living and breathing tea, as we do, this development had been pre-empted by us long before it manifested itself to the industry. To the extent that in the mid nineties, well before the shift became a trend, we had established our Company and had defined the different and passion driven path which we at Tea 'n' Teas would tread, always staying a step ahead of other players.

Tea ‘n’ Teas is a unique concept, a virtual ‘one stop shop’ for signature teas, geared towards providing tea retailers and eventually the consumer, an unprecedented level of quality, expertise and professionalism, in anything and everything connected to Tea.

Operating at the very grassroots level, we view the industry in totality, straddling not just the production, but also the ‘shelf end’ of the product. Servicing both ends of the spectrum, our 'Tea Team' blends together an interesting geographical spread which, when coupled with the decades of tea expertise and experience which the members of the team bring in, provides a level of comfort to the consumer which is simply not available anywhere else.

Our bread & butter business of the ‘usual’ teas, with which we service many established companies, operates on a totally different plane which is independent and divorced from the business defined by www.teanteas.com. On this site we concentrate on and offer only our passion driven interesting array of ‘signature’ teas.

In a nutshell, sheer quality and pleasure for the tea connoisseur, from those who know and understand TEA like few others!